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Islamabad Serena Hotel – Call Girls for Men

Every night during my frequent stays in Islamabad, I would see Islamabad’s beautiful and fascinating women being pelted with stones by men who think that they are trash can. Such uncalled for behavior is condemned by the government of Pakistan and its capital city. But I guess the younger generation and many people who were not blessed with such privilege, will have to live with it. Luckily there is a solution to this problem and I was able to enjoy my stay at the Call Girls in Islamabad Serena Hotel.

While enjoying my stay at the Islamabad hotel, I was introduced to two very beautiful and shy girls who work at the call center at the hotel. I was offered a drink and some snacks by these two very nice girls and they told me all about their job and how they earn a decent living with picking up handsome men for nights and days. They told me all about their beautiful smiles and how scared they are of meeting the man they work for. It was very touching to hear these girls admit that they had been called by their potential future husbands and were waiting for them to come over to meet them.

After this encounter I promised myself that I would not be a stranger to any of those girls that are called by their potential life partners. I applied for a Pass Plus card which is a pre-requisite to all foreign nationals staying in Pakistan and I was accepted. Since then I have always used the services of the Islamabad Escorts pick up services. These girls are always very attentive and they do everything in their power to meet their customers. And the best thing is that they never charge any money for this service.