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Call Girls in Shelton House

Every evening I drive down the famous Mughal Road, past the posh cafes and stores and past the gleaming bazaars, which are slowly closing down from the incessant rush of people who want to buy something or have some final word before retiring for the night. A few steps further and I encounter the Call Girls in Shelton House Islamabad, waiting for me, some of them already inside their cars or on their phone, others calling from inside their houses. I have my code number and they give me the signal, so I can then easily identify if they’re females or not. And I know from their accent and voice patterns that they are girls from Pakistan, probably aged between twenty-five to thirty-five, with dark skin and a modest dress.

They come with a pleasant smile on their faces, speaking in a language which at times sounds almost indistinguishable from Urdu but which is very familiar. This is Pakistan, after all, and the only language which is spoken freely here is English. But there’s nothing uncomfortable or irritating about these call girls, they are friendly and talkative and I even find myself laughing out loud sometimes when I see them. The other day I was having lunch with my old college friend Anis and she happened to notice one of them while passing by and asked me where I’d heard about them.

So I showed her the number and we were talking and when she left, she told me that she’d been in love with one of them since she was just fifteen years old and it took her a few years to get to know anyone in the city who was like that, so it must be pretty good. I suppose I was just doing my bit for Pakistan’s tourism industry, which has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so and given that it isn’t so much a victim of global warming as it used to be, I’d have nothing to complain about. I also paid the small admission price which was about seventy dollars for an hour’s worth of conversation and Escorts in Islamabad was a really nice guy too, whom I’ll never forget.