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Escorts In Bahria Town – The Third Phase of My 3-Part Series

The third part of my three-part series on Escorts in Bahria Town Phase 3 is now out, and I am so excited to share it! It chronicles the rise of Pakistan’s most popular call girl ring in the city of Bahria Town. Bahria Town is located on the northwest coast of Pakistan’s Multan region and is bordered by China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to stay in the city during its developmental phase and observed the rise of this industry through its long-time residents and the locals who were instrumental in turning this small town into a prominent destination for girls.

Starting as an apprentice to a local beautician who specialized in incall girls, I gradually rose throughout the ranks of the industry. Once I was groomed properly and given a position as a manager in the newly-opened Elite Escorts agency, I decided to take a different approach to pursue women. Instead of chasing after women as I had done before, I decided to try and find girls who were looking for men. I presented my services to women from Pakistan’s lower-middle-class and lower-caste strata. I even worked with some girls who were running businesses and holding down jobs at night to earn extra money.

These days, I work with all sorts of women. I personally work with the lower-caste women and children of Pakistani Escorts aristocratic families. I often go to parties, weddings and social events, helping the women I often see around the town and helping them find local partners. I also go to upscale hotels and restaurants where I meet other men who are in search of local women. My clients range from college students, to university professor, to middle-aged housewives who are just looking to have fun and mingle.