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Escorts in F-12 Islamabad

Escorts in F-12 Islamabad are just like any other girls in the city. Escorts or “pleasure” drivers will pick up girls, boys and men from the airport, railway station or bus stand. They will escort their “client” to a place of their choice. Most of the girls working as “escorts” in F-12 Islamabad have been rescued from various brothels or back-rooms of flats.

Escorts in F-12 operate on commission only, meaning that they are paid based on the number of customers they take. They do not get any additional money from the customers, i.e. they have to work just as an independent contractor and earn their own pocket money. The drivers normally charge 15% of the amount that the customers owe to them.

Call Girls in Islamabad charge extra money when they organize any kind of party – be it a wedding, a birthday party or any other special occasion. Many girls working as “call girls” in F-12 Islamabad come up with several excuses to escape from home – and return to their homes every night. Many of the girls at these locations are either married or are in some sort of legal agreement with their husbands. But they need to make some money to support themselves. So to earn extra money, they go to different places and get introduced to different clients.