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Escorts in Gulberg Continental Hotel Lahore

The elegant dining and famous shopping destination of Gulberg are a great place to find Escorts in Lahore. It was here that Captain William Cook first christened the town of Lahore. This was around the year 18 48 when the Rawal Lake was constructed. Now, the lake and its surrounding area have been turned into a major commercial and recreational area. The lake has various hotels and shopping malls as well as the famous Red Fort.

As soon as you reach the hotel, make a plan to have a candle light dinner with your family and friends. Then it would be a good idea to arrange for an escort from the hotel to Escorts in Lahore the bride and groom’s car to their venue. The best man will also drive the bride’s car. Make sure to inform the bride and groom’s respective escort of all arrangements so they can make preparations and avoid any kind of mishap on the way.

After the bride and groom are escorted to their venue, the wedding ceremony can start. The bride should be given a bouquet and the best man should present a small bunch of flowers to the bride as a token of appreciation for her coming to the wedding. This is done just before the guests start streaming in. It is important to remember that only the bride and groom should enter the wedding hall without any of their wedding guests.

Once everyone is present inside the hall, the bride and groom are escorted to the hearse and the band escorts the newlyweds to their vehicle. You can rest assured that the newly wedded couple will have a nice romantic ride. In fact, this is the typical scenario. Many women will also follow this well-known tradition by taking along their own beautician to act as the flower girl and the ring bearer. But this should not distract the newly wed couple from the photographers and the live video cameras.

Escorts in Gulberg Continental Hotel Lahore make sure that the newly wed couple is safe and sound during their drive. Once they reach their destination, they will be driven to the ceremony venue. The bride’s escort will hold the ring while the groom’s escort will hold the bouquet. This is a ritual practiced by most of the brides in this area. It is a matter of protocol and should not be skipped out.

Once the wedding party is at its destination, the newly wed couple should be showered with lots of love and blessings. They can then make their way to their car after the wedding reception. As soon as the guests have departed, the bride and groom can make their way home.