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Escorts in Mughalpura

Escorts in Mughalpura Lahore have been a favorite haunt of people in the modern era. In fact one may say that this area was primarily a ‘working zone’ during the rule of Akbar and Jahangir. The city however, saw a change in the year 1989 when the Shias were driven out by the army. The rest, as they say, is history and Mughalpura is one of the best kept secrets of India tours.

The area is divided into two parts: South and North. The South is home to many sharks (emirs) who are closely allied to their haggis (lords). While the locals call the place ‘Hectohar’ it is actually pronounced as ‘Hind-Een-Khair’. Most of the people residing in the area are either from other parts of India or from Pakistan.

As already mentioned, the area saw a major change in the year 1989 when the army swept away the Shias. But not all has been lost as the arrival of the Army of the Pakistan Navy along with the Badshah [in the name of a former ruler] in force reduced the influence of the Sikhs completely. Nowadays, most of the escorts here are either Punjabi or Bengali in origin.

A walk through the streets of Mughalpura will reveal that the women here have always been conscious of their beauty and value. They dress modestly but gracefully. Every woman is known by her face and voice. Escorts in Mughalpura make sure that they do not attract any wrong attention.

The best part of the job is that one can choose one’s timings and schedule. There are times when one can spend time together and other times when one has to move stealthily. It all depends on the objectives of that mission. Some of the jobs might take few days, while others can even be extended for a week. It all depends on the availability of Escorts in Mughalpura.

The main job of an Escorts in Lahore here is to serve the guests and at the same time keep themselves disguised. They normally carry the gifts and other commodities to the guests. They never announce themselves as such and they are always helpful and cheerful. The services of these Escorts are hired only after consulting the client and according to his requirements.

A Mughal bride can choose either to be a very close friend or a sister or a cousin. But no woman can ever be a fake sister. She needs to be truthful and loyal and is always ready to serve her guests.

On the whole, the services of Escorts in Mughalpura are appreciated and their services are sought after highly in the society. The clients mostly prefer the ones who look good and act good. They do not like the fake ones and hire genuine ones who are true and loyal. In short, the presence of Escorts in the wedding makes the wedding more colorful and impressive.